Windshield Replacement Answers For Car Owners

A damaged windshield is an issue that most car owners have to handle at some point. Unfortunately, individuals often underestimate the importance and complexity of repairing this damage, which can limit their ability to respond to these situations so that their car remains safe to operate.

Why Would You Replace Instead Of Repairing Your Car's Windshield?

Repairing the glass will usually be the first choice of individuals that face windshield damage. A common assumption about windshield repairs is that it will only be necessary to replace the windshield if it has been completely smashed or shattered. In reality, there are some cracks that can be too deep or long to be able to repair. While a repair resin may be able to temporarily patch deep cracks, they will continue to expand, which will cause the patch to fail. This can lead to the windshield needing to be replaced despite the fact that the crack may currently only impact one area of the windshield.

How Long Will You Be Unable To Drive The Car After The Windshield Has Been Replaced?

To help hold the windshield in place, a powerful adhesive will be used to help bind the glass to the frame. As a result, you will need to allow some time for this adhesive to dry. Otherwise, the windshield could be at risk of failing due to the vibrations from the vehicle and the forces from the wind hitting it. Luckily, the adhesive will not need extensive time to dry as it will actually be able to dry and cure within a few hours of being applied. This can limit the disruptions that you experience from having the windshield replaced. Furthermore, professional windshield replacement contractors will have equipment that can be used to rapidly dry the adhesive.

Can You Attempt To Replace Your Own Auto Glass?

While it is theoretically possible for a car owner to replace their own windshield, this is not a repair that should be advised. Improperly aligning the windshield can put it at a risk for failing, which could represent an unacceptable risk to the driver and occupants of the vehicle. In addition to the risk of a dramatic windshield failure, it is also possible for an improper installation to allow water to enter the vehicle. Due to these concerns, a professional windshield installation contractor will usually be a necessary service for most car owners. However, you may not have to pay for the entirety of the costs of using these services due to the fact that auto insurance will often provide some degree of coverage for auto glass repairs and replacements.

To learn more about windshield replacements, contact an auto glass business in your area.