3 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Noisy

A noisy garage door can be a real nuisance, especially if you tend to come or go from the house when others are sleeping. Often, you can track the noise down to one of three repairable issues.

1. Track Problems

Track noises often sound like squeals or screams coming from around the door when it is opening or closing. The first thing to have checked is track alignment and condition. Look for bends, poor connections, and bolts that have backed out of the track. Finish by fully lubricating the track and wheels. The track is likely aligned with no issues if the door moves smoothly when set to the manual setting.

Next, check the wheels on the door. The wheels can pick up debris during operation, which can jam them so they no longer roll. Age can also lead to bearing issues in the wheels. Fortunately, garage door track wheels are inexpensive, so simply replace any that could be making the noise.

2. Opener Issues

Often, noises are caused by the automatic garage door opener. Chain-driven garage door openers are much noisier than belt-driven models, so sometimes a simple upgrade to your opener will solve the problem. Older, outdated opener models also tend to make more noise.

On the other hand, if your opener was previously quiet and has only recently gotten loud, then it may simply be a lubrication and tune-up issue. A technician can open up the gearbox and lubricate all the moving parts. They will also check the belt or chain for wear. Sometimes a replacement of a worn belt or chain will also solve a noise problem.

3. Door Types

Sometimes, the problem is the door. A flimsy door, particularly one made of metal, can flex and bend as the door opens or closes. Often, this flexing causes lots of noise, from the sounds of flexing metal to squealing as the warping causes the weight to shift in the tracks unevenly.

Updating to a sturdier door material that is less likely to flex during movement can help, as can switching to a paneled door that has smaller metal panels and is less prone to flexing. A door upgrade to an insulated metal or vinyl door, or a wooden door, can also solve noise problems. Just keep in mind that insulated doors weigh more, which may mean you need to upgrade the opener to handle the load.

For more help with your garage noise issues, contact a garage door repair service such as Plano Overhead Garage Door.