Garage Door Assessment: Why Should You Do It Before The Year Ends?

If you're in and out of your garage quite a bit during the week, have it professionally assessed for problems soon. Even if your garage door seems like it's in good, sound shape, the door might still have a few issues you need to repair. Here are reasons to professionally assess your garage door before the end of the year.

Why Should You Assess Your Garage Door Soon?

You might think about it, but your garage door opens around 1500 times per year. If you use your garage to fix your vehicle, store your lawn equipment, or even store large personal items, you may use your garage door even more. All of the lifting and lowering your garage door does throughout its lifetime can place a great toll on its hardware, springs, and other parts. Your garage door can gradually become unsafe to use.

An assessment can help diagnose problems in your garage door before they get worse. These problems may include:

  • Poorly performing torsion or extension springs
  • Corroding door hardware, bolts, and other metal parts
  • Deteriorating paneling 

Depending on your garage door's current state, the issues above can be minor enough to fix right away or bad enough to warrant a complete replacement. A professional garage door contractor can help you determine the overall state of your garage through the assessment.

How Do Get Your Garage Door Back on Track?

A garage door contractor will generally rely on a special maintenance sheet to assess your door. A contractor may use the datasheet to check the condition of your door's rollers, springs, and opener. A contractor may also inspect the door's panels to see if they're sturdy enough to withstand rain, snow, and other forces of nature. If your door contains wood, a contractor may check the material for termite, heat, and water damage. 

If any of the problems above reveal themselves during the assessment of your garage door, a contractor may recommend that you make the repairs as early as you possibly can. Garage doors that have problems such as those above can stop opening properly over time. 

If your garage door isn't fixable, consider replacing the entrance soon. A service provider may have a number of replacement options available that may work more efficiently for your needs.

You can contact a contractor today to learn how you can assess, repair, or replace your garage door before the end of the year.