Want To Add Value To A Small Bathroom? Prioritize More Storage

If your bathroom is quite small, you may be feeling frustrated due to just how difficult it is to keep the space neat and suitable for your needs. Instead of having the bathroom feel cluttered and being frustrated with its layout, it's a good idea to look into how you can add more storage so that the bathroom is more functional for you.

When you're unsure of how to get started with bathroom remodeling so that your space has more storage, consider some of the following tips for adding the most value to the space.

Avoid A Pedestal Sink

If you're taking a look at all the different options for adding value to your bathroom, it's a good idea to see how some sinks are a better choice than others. Pedestal sinks can be quite affordable and give your bathroom a minimalist look, but can also be lacking in the storage space that you likely want in the bathroom.

Taking a look at vanity storage with cabinets underneath can help ensure that the space feels much larger and that you're not struggling with finding a space for all your toiletries. Vanity cabinets can also give you the opportunity to improve the way that the bathroom looks and add some personality due to the paint color or hardware used. 

Add Storage Behind A Mirror

Having a medicine cabinet installed can make your mirror provide more than one purpose and make it easy to keep things neat. Adding storage that's behind the mirror can provide a space for anything from toothbrushes to medicine that you take daily. The benefit of having storage behind the mirror is that it can help make sure that your items are kept hidden while still providing functionality.

Provide Shelving In The Shower

One way that your bathroom can quickly become cluttered is having a lot of shampoo bottles and other items along the trim of the shower. Adding shelving in the shower can make it easy to keep things neat and allow you to have easy access to all of your items. This can make organizing the bathroom much easier and help you avoid the space feeling cluttered.

As you get ready to add more storage to the bathroom, it's smart to look into which features are going to be the most impactful in terms of providing the most space. With some of the above tips in mind, you'll know exactly how to get the storage that is vital to you for your bathroom.