Four Septic Maintenance Tips to Help with the Common Problems That Could Lead to Failure

There are many homes that do not have municipal sewer services and rely on septic systems and waste storage tanks. Problems with these waste treatment systems can lead to serious plumbing problems and costly septic system repairs. Here are some septic maintenance tips that will help you with common problems that lead to failures and costly repairs.

1. Pumping and Inspection to Ensure Problems Do Not Surface with Your Septic Tank

Routine pumping is something that needs to be done with your septic tank to ensure it does not fill with solids, which could cause problems. Usually, pumping is something that is going to need to be done every few years, or more often if your system gets more use than what it was designed for. Find a septic tank cleaning service that can come do this work for you. 

2. Dealing with Problems Caused by Old Septic Tanks and Materials Like Concrete

There are many problems that are caused by old septic tanks and the materials that they were made of. Concrete is one of the materials that you will want to be concerned about because it can degrade over time, leading to cracks and other damage to your septic tank. When you have an old tank pumped, have it inspected for cracks, leaks, and other problems that need to be addressed.

3. Upgrading Old Septic Systems to Meet the Needs of Your Modern Household

It is also important to update old septic systems to meet the needs of your household. This is often a problem with older homes that have been remodeled and have more people living in them than the original home and its septic system. Upgrading your septic system with improvements like secondary treatment tanks and improved drain field design could help prevent problems.

4. Drain Field Improvements for Better Septic System Percolation and Performance

There are also drain field improvements that you will want to consider for your home. The drain fields of your septic system are another component that may be undersized and outdated. There are options for upgrading your drain field lines or adding secondary lines to improve the system. When upgrading your septic system, there are also improvements that you will want to consider, including a filtration medium and better drain tiles.

These are some septic maintenance tips that could lead to common failures and costly repairs. If you need help with servicing your septic system or getting repairs done, contact a septic repair service to ensure minor problems do not become costlier.