Sewer Pump Myths Homeowners May Believe

A working plumbing system is essential for making your home a comfortable and livable space. However, the modern plumbing system is often far more complicated than homeowners may realize, and this can lead to them having false assumptions or incorrect information about the various components of this system.

Myth: A Home's Sewer Plumbing Is Entirely Reliant On Gravity

Homeowners will often assume that gravity is all that is responsible for letting the sewage water drain away from the home. However, there can be many instances where gravity is simply not sufficient for removing this water. For example, a home may be lower than the local sewer system, which will require the sewage water to flow uphill. Additionally, having to solely rely on gravity for draining away sewage water will be extremely slow. Due to these issues, pumps are often used to force sewage water through the pipes until it can be deposited in the sewer system.

Myth: Sewer Pumps Will Always Smell Foul When They Malfunction

It may make logical sense that a faulty sewer pump would always have foul smells. However, this may only be the case if sewage is able to leak out of the pump. In instances where there is an internal problem with it, there may be no smell as the sewage water may be entirely contained. Rather than basing your decision for sewer pump service visits on the presence of these odors, professionals should always be contacted whenever you notice that there is a performance issue with the home's septic system.

Myth: Malfunctioning Sewer Pumps Will Have To Be Replaced

When a sewer pump starts to malfunction, you might assume that you will always have to pay for the entire pump to be replaced. There are many issues that can be minor enough to be repaired without the entire pump needing t be replaced. This can include faulty seals, clogs and other routinely encounter issues. However, if there is sizable structural damage to the sewer pump, replacement can be the best option for making sure that you are able to continue to enjoy good performance from your home's plumbing.

Myth: Repairing Or Replacing A Sewer Pump Will Take Many Days

Being without a working plumbing system can be a major problem to encounter. When this issue is being caused by a faulty sewer pump, the process of repairing it may be far more efficient and quick than anticipated. Completing minor repairs to the sewer pump may only take a matter of hours to complete. Replacing the pump may be a more involved process, but it should rarely take longer than a day to complete.

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