Repairing Concrete Cracks

If you have cracks in your concrete surface, you obviously want to repair them and make them look as nice as possible. Hiding concrete cracks can be nearly impossible, but you still want to do your best. Crack repair is a great DIY project you can be handled by just about anybody. This article explains what tools and supplies you need to repair small cracks like a pro.

Why You Should Repair Small Concrete Cracks

It is important to fill and repair concrete cracks, even if you aren't going to be able to perfectly hide the physical blemish. That is, the filled crack is still probably going to be noticeable. But, it is important to repair cracks for a number of reasons. First of all, a crack that is left untouched has a better chance of getting bigger. If you are walking or driving on the surface, you can wear down the edges of the crack, making it wider.

Also, water can seep in and out of the crack, which can compromise the soil underneath it. Ultimately, if the soil underneath your concrete slab erodes, you need to worry about the structural integrity of the actual concrete. A properly filled crack will be more waterproof, and you won't need to worry about these problems.

Repairing Cracks with the Best Products

You should start by cleaning out the actual crack. If there are weeds growing out of the crack, you should pull them and the place and weed killer, let it sit for a couple days before moving forward. Once your cracks are clean, you can move ahead with the project.

The best way to repair cracks is to just buy some over the counter concrete crack filler. Crack filler comes premixed and is very easy to work with. It usually comes in squeezable tubes, so you can squeeze it right into the cracked area. The trick to it a nicely filled crack is to squeeze it in, and then use a putty knife to push it down so it is tight and dense within the cavity. Then, use the putty knife to scrape away any extra crack filler, and get it off the top of the concrete.

As you can see, it isn't difficult to repair concrete, but it is very important. It will ultimately make your concrete look better and last longer. So, it is well worth the minimal time and monetary investment. For larger repairs and installs, contact an company that provides asphalt services