Stabilizing Loose Soil Or Rocky Terrain Around Your Property

If you live where the soil is very loose or you have abrupt rock outcroppings on your property, you may need to consider ways to stabilize or support those areas to keep them in place. Sliding soil or rocks can make a mess of your property. In severe enough circumstances, it could even damage your home. If you suspect there is a problem or could be one in the future, having the area inspected by a landscape contractor is a good first step.

The Inspection Process

Getting a contractor to come out and check your property for any potentially loose rocks or soil is the first thing you need to do when you suspect you have an area of concern. They can look over the area for signs that the soil has been shifting as well as checking for rocks and other debris that could fall when you least expect it. If the area has any potential vulnerabilities, the contractor may suggest some options to help secure it and make it safe. If they can make it look good while doing it, that is even better. Just remember that this is about safety and property protection first and foremost.

Retaining Walls

For areas with loose soil, the simplest solution may be to install a retaining wall that will hold the hill back and keep the area below from being inundated with loose, sliding material. There are a lot of ways a retaining wall can be constructed, so talk with the contractor about what they think is going to work best for your situation and how to make it blend into the landscape that is already there. Sometimes a wall like this can be made of materials that look very natural to the area and it will look as though it has always been there. Vegetation and plantings along the wall can help to hide it or at least make it part of the area, not just some ugly wall holding the hillside back.

Netting For Rocks and Soil

Another option may be to add a steel netting material to the hillside. The material is anchored to the hill in several areas and is designed to hold back large rocks, trees, and other material. While it can have some effect on the soil as well, it is not designed to hold dirt, soil, sand, or other loose material back as much as it is the rocks and trees. Talk to the contractor about this option as well and find the best solution to make your property safe.

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