Why Wood Is Ideal For Windows

The cost of replacing the windows can be quite high, so you want to consider all your options before making any big purchases. Even though window replacement is expensive, it is actually a very cost effective remodel when you consider the huge impact it has on the value of your property. Window replacement is one of the only remodels that will improve the inside and outside of your house at once. It is also a great investment for older homes that are experiencing reduced energy efficiency. Most people who invest in window replacement these days choose synthetic materials like fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl. However, this article will explain why hardwood is still a great choice for replacement windows:

Hardwood Style is Second to None

The best reason to invest in hardwood is the fact that it is so stylish. Not only that, hardwood windows can be easily customized and stained however you want. That is, you can choose a unique finish that matches your decor and make your windows stand out. This is something that you just can't do with other window materials. Repainting or restaining, vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum is not a good idea. This becomes an issue when you end up repainting or restaining the baseboards, crown molding, door trim, floor, or window casings around your house. If you have a material that can't be repainted, it will no longer match. Since most people end up repainting their wall before they replace the windows, this is something you need to take into account.

More Than Just Wood

It is also very important that you realize that wooden windows are not 100% wooden. In fact, most of the working part will be vinyl or metal. That is, you will see wood, but the guts are actually much more durable materials that aren't susceptible to warping and fading.

This is particularly important on sliding windows. A wooden window on a metal track will slide with great ease. Older wooden windows that are 100% wood except for the glass are extremely vulnerable to warping. This can result in loose glass panes and movable window sashes that are very difficult to open and close. The actual glass is encased in the metal sash, so you won't have any of the problems that you have with traditional wood windows.

It is easy to see why wood is still such a popular option. It has a style that can't be beaten and a traditional look that works in any home. Contact local home builders for more information and assistance.