Types of Storm Doors

Storm doors are designed to be installed over already installed doors to provide a greater degree of security during inclement weather. There are several different types of storm doors available, varying in the type of frame and type of mesh that they use. Each different type of material possesses a distinctive set of features and drawbacks. Understanding what the different types of storm doors have to offer can help you choose the variant that best fits your home's needs.

Storm-Door Frame Variants

Steel: Steel storm-door frames are extremely durable and can resist physical damage easily without becoming bent out of shape. They are also extremely heavy, and this weight can help keep unwanted individuals out of your home. However, their weight makes the installation process more labor intensive, and steel is susceptible to rust over time.

Aluminum: Aluminum is a lighter metal than steel, and this makes the installation of aluminum-frame storm doors simpler and quicker. Additionally, aluminum is immune to rust, and that makes it a great fit for oceanfront properties. However, aluminum can be more easily physically damaged and can be expensive to repair or replace.

Composite: Composite storm-door frames are quite similar to aluminum frames in that they are lightweight and immune to rust, warping, rot, and other damages. Composite frames vary in terms of material makeup and price, and that means that it can be easy to find a composite storm door that fits your needs. However, composite doors are not as strong or durable as steel doors are.

Vinyl: Storm doors with a vinyl frame tend to be the most affordable choice, making them ideal for homeowners with a tight budget. These doors are immune to rust and warping but can be easily broken due to physical pressure and can lose their color over time due to sunlight exposure.

Storm-Door Mesh Variants

Fiberglass: The most common type of storm-door mesh, fiberglass mesh is an affordable option that blocks out bugs and pests while still maintaining your view out of your door. However, fiberglass mesh does not provide the high degree of security that other types of storm-door meshes do.

Solar Screens: Solar-screen mesh for storm doors comes in a variety of different levels of opaqueness, but their main purpose is to block out UV rays and heat. This makes them ideal if you are trying to keep your home cool in the summer and save on your energy bills. However, solar-screen mesh obstructs the view out of your door, and this can be a problem depending on the design of your house.

Stainless Steel: The most durable storm-door mesh available, stainless-steel meshes cannot be easily broken and provide a high degree of security to your home. However, they also tend to be fairly expensive, and that means they aren't a good choice for every homeowner.