A Quick Look At Things You May Never Think To Recycle In Your Retail Store

Making the conscious decision about being kinder to the environment as a commercial business is perhaps one of the most responsible decisions you can make as the owner of a retail store. While most retail business owners will recycle things like cardboard boxes and even set up recycling bins in break areas for beverage containers and such from employees, most people don't realize just how much waste the store creates that could be recycled. Take a look at some of the common waste items that get funneled through your store to the dumpster which could just as easily be recycled instead. 

Clothing Hangers - Clothing hangers in your place of business may usually get tossed in the trash, but these are most definitely recyclable. Most are even made so that the metal tabs and hooks easily slip right off if the recycling company who picks up your items requires they be separated. So slip a small wastebasket beneath every register so the cashiers can drop in these plastic hangers with every ring up. 

Metal Shelving Units and Display Racks - Pretty much all metal shelving and display racks are created from metals that are fully recyclable. If your commercial recycling company does not take these larger items, contact the local scrap metal recycling center and they most likely will. These bulky items definitely take up a lot of room in landfills and you will be doing the environment a favor by having them recycled instead of thrown away. 

Signage - From the small plastic tabs that snap in place on your shelves and the metal hangers holding signs to the large paper or cardboard signs you hang over a display, the majority of store signage is crafted from recyclable materials. If you are like most retail sales locations, signage will account for a great deal of your store waste and should be rightly handled instead of thrown in the trash. 

Wooden Pallets - These things make shipping and receiving efforts a breeze and will usually get cycled back and forth between warehouses many times before they finally meet their demise. When the pallets do start to fall apart in such a way that they are no longer safe to use, remember that wood is a recyclable material. Many recycling companies pick up broken wooden pallets, and they are then broken down into particles which get used in the manufacturing process of many other products. For more information, contact local professionals like Sunwest Metals Inc.