Build Now For The Future

If you run a construction company and really want to make your buildings last, start looking at using supplies and designs that will help the structure stay strong as the climate changes. Many buildings are built according to the fashions of the day, but it's a smart idea to look at how the house or commercial complex will fare in the future, especially in the face of rising temperatures. Those rising temperatures bring with them not only the heat, but also changing weather patterns, more bugs, and potentially more health problems. But by adjusting construction design and supply materials, you can make your buildings better at protecting occupants and keeping them comfortable.

Consider Alternative Materials

Start investigating the use of alternative building materials to replace concrete and steel. These two materials are very sturdy, and they can incorporate a lot of recycled material. But the creation of new concrete, for example, is energy-intensive and can contribute substantially to greenhouse gas release. There are some funky materials out there that might not fly well with your clients, but there are also several that already have excellent track records in the sustainable building industry, such as ashcrete, bamboo, and wood. Also keep your eye on ferrock, a steel-dust-based material that is made of recycled material and that may become one of the strongest products available to builders once research has been finished.

Get Pickier About Designs

This is easier said than done in the competitive building industry, where you need to take what jobs are available to keep afloat. However, try to seek out more building work from architects and designers who incorporate climate-change-aware features in their plans. Look for building plans that offer options like overhangs that shade windows or that allow for more use of natural light. It's understandable if you have to take projects that don't address climate change at all, but by shifting your workload over to this other type of work, you can eventually make a name for yourself as a company that knows how to work with these designs and get more referrals from designers who want forward-looking construction.

The bad news is that, despite what the vocal skeptics out there say, climate change is a real concern that isn't going away. The good news is that the building industry is actively looking for ways to make the work more sustainable and stronger in the face of changing conditions.

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