3 Problems You May Encounter If Your Septic Tank Gets Full

Getting your septic tank pumped should be something you do on a regular basis; however, there are many homeowners that wait to do this until they experience problems. Waiting is not recommended by septic tank companies, simply because waiting too long can create additional problems that are very costly to fix. Here are three problems you may encounter if you decide to wait too long to get your tank pumped.

Sewage Backup In Your House

The waste water you use in your home is all supposed to go inside your septic tank, but this cannot happen if there is no room left in the system. When the tank gets full, the waste will naturally have nowhere to go, and this will create a huge problem and mess in your home. The waste will simply remain in your toilets and sinks when this happens, and it can even begin spilling out of these fixtures and landing on your floors.

Waste water is a smelly and bad problem to have inside your home, and it can also be harmful to your health. The best way to avoid this is by getting your system pumped every few years by a company that offers residential septic tank cleaning services, such as Ace Sanitation Service.

Sewage Water In Your Yard

A second problem you may experience if your tank gets full is water in your yard. You may not even notice this at first, but you will eventually when you walk outside. You may suddenly smell a bad odor coming from your yard, and then you may notice standing water. This occurs too when the system is too full and the waste has nowhere to go.

Clogged Drain Field

The first two problems can be smelly and messy, but the third problem you may encounter will be costly to fix. When a tank gets full, the waste from the tank can start exiting the system. When this happens, it can end up in the drain field, which is a set of pipes used to help drain water from the system. The problem with this is that waste can clog up these pipes, and there really is no good way to clean the pipes out. Instead, you will be required to replace the entire drain field, and this can be extremely costly.

The best thing you can do is call a septic tank cleaning company to get on a regular schedule for pumping services. To learn more, contact a company that offers these important services today.