Need To Light Up Your Driveway? 2 Ways You Can Do This

A lighted driveway is beneficial because it allows you and anyone else visiting your home to see better. You have different options when it comes to exterior lighting, such as high bay lights or floodlights. Keep reading to learn more about this lighting so you can choose what is best for you and your home.

High Bay Exterior Lights

High bay exterior lights are designed to cover a wide open area with light. These lights can be installed on the corner roof of your home or on the roof of a garage if it is close to the driveway. You can choose from different brightness levels. For example, you do not want high bay lights that have a bright glare, making it hard for drivers and walkers to see. The reflectors used for the lights can also make a difference with how bright it is. You can also use high bay lights to light up a vertical area, such as a walkway.

When it comes to the bulbs, you can choose compact fluorescent, incandescent, or LED. LED lights are the better choice, as they are much more energy efficient and will last longer. When purchasing these lights, make sure they are LED exterior lights.


A floodlight is another option you have and will provide lighting for you and your family, as well as anyone visiting your home. Place floodlights so that they are approximately nine to ten feet high so someone could not easily access them, such as a burglar turning off the light. You can also install the floodlights higher up if you want to flood a wide area. When mounting the floodlight, point it at an angle downward so that it does not shine directly into someone's eyes.

There are different types of aesthetic finishes, such as colored lacquer, copper, and stainless steel. Choose a finish that goes well with the color of your home.

Choose motion sensor floodlights so they will automatically light up when someone walks up to your home to make it even better for you or anyone else to see when walking up to your home. 

You can choose to use LED floodlights, or there are other options, such as fluorescent, incandescent, high intensity discharge (HID), and halogen.

Hire an electrician to install your lighting to ensure it is installed correctly. They can also answer any questions you may have about the types of light bulbs you should use.