3 Unique Mantel Ideas For Your New Fireplace

Now that you've decided to have a new fireplace installed in your home, it's a good idea to start thinking about what you'll use as a mantel. Here are three unique ideas to consider implementing:

Create Fiberglass Shelving

An excellent way to add some depth to your new fireplace without overwhelming the space is to install a piece of fiberglass as a shelf right where the chimney and the base of your fireplace meet. You can have the fiberglass cut to size at your local hardware store and use shelving attachments to install it on your fireplace. If you want to spice the shelf up, consider painting it with acrylic or gloss paint. Use stencils to paint designs on the shelf so you can still see through it, paint the entire thing one base color, or use an accent color to paint the edges and create a trim.

Use an Old Tree Trunk

To create a traditional cabin-like ambiance, hang half of an old tree trunk up on your fireplace to use as a mantel. If you can't find an old tree trunk to use in your yard, check out local lumber yards, yard sales, and online classifieds to find one in your area that's in need of a new home. Once you find a tree trunk that is long enough to span the entirety of your fireplace, use a chainsaw to cut it in half lengthwise. Once cut, use some sandpaper to smooth the edges before you hang it up on your fireplace using nails and metal fasteners.

Hang a Row of Trays

Instead of hanging a mantel to your fireplace as you would a shelf, consider hanging a variety of trays from the roof beams on chains or thick ropes. You can use basic plastic food serving trays, traditional wooden tea serving trays, or modern metal trays of different sizes to create your mantel. The idea is to create a line of trays that span the length of your fireplace and are hung almost directly against the base of it – there should be only one to three inches of free space left between the trays and the fireplace.

Before you attach the trays to the roof beams, decide exactly where you want your mantel to hang and measure from that place to the ceiling, so you know how long your chains or ropes need to be. To hang your trays, drill small holes in the corners of each one. Thread long chains or ropes through the holes and use a small metal fastener to secure the ends of your chains or ropes to each corner of the trays. Once secured to the trays on one end, attach the free ends of your ropes or chains to your roof's beams near the wall. When done, your trays should hang right in front of your fireplace – you can use them to display houseplants, memorabilia, and photos just like any other mantel.

Any one of these unique mantel ideas should add extra depth to your new fireplace and help it stand out in your home year-round. Contact a business like Alpine Fireplaces to learn more.