Give Your Sailboat A Matching Custom Ladder

There's nothing quite like the beauty of a sailboat in the water -- especially a beautifully appointed one. One way to enhance your sailboat's appearance is to get a custom-made metal ladder. Best of all, it's easy to find a company that will make such a ladder.

A Custom Made Ladder Adds Beauty

A boat's ladder usually isn't very visible to those on the boat. Most people in the vicinity of your boat who aren't on it, though, will notice it. Not only is a boat's ladder visible, but it's especially noticeable because of its location. The ladder is typically on the stern, where the name also is. When people look for the name of your boat, they'll see the boat's ladder.

Most sailboats come with a ladder, so people can climb back onto the boat after swimming. Many stock ladders, however, are inexpensive and sometimes look cheap. They don't look nearly as nice as a custom-made metal one that perfectly hugs the boat's curves and matches any metal railings or tackle on the deck.

Rotary Draw Bending Companies Can Make Ladders

Although it might be a unique request, tube bending companies that provide rotary draw bending are usually able to make custom sailboat ladders. Even if a company's never made a custom sailboat ladder previously, if you tell them what you want, tell them what metal is used on the boat, and provide the dimensions of your sailboat, they'll have the equipment and expertise to make a ladder that looks great on your sailboat.

As WikiHow notes, rotary draw bending is often used to bend metal used in handrails, car chassis, trailer frames and car roll cages. Since this pipe bending produces metal that's strong enough to be used on cars and trailers, it's strong enough to make a ladder that will need to support a person, even a heavy adult. Since the techniques used to make handrailings, which homeowners usually want to look nice, it can also produce a nice ladder.

There are several ways you can search for a tube bending company that offers rotary draw bending in your area:

  • call any pipe bending companies in your local phone book and ask if they do rotary draw bending
  • contact home builders or contractors in your area, and find out who provides the railings for their buildings
  • ask stock car racers in the area where they take parts for custom pipe bending

Once you find a company, you'll be all set to describe what you want and give them the information they need. Soon, they should have a beautiful new ladder that perfectly matches your sailboat for you.