How To Safely Deal With Sewage Flooding In Your Basement

When your plumbing system gets clogged up or the sewer lateral pipe coming into your home is compromised, you may find your basement flooded with sewage. In most cases, especially when the lateral pipe is damaged or clogged, the sewage is backing up the wastewater that is coming from your home, not your municipal sewage line. However, sewage water can be a serious health hazard, especially if you are charged with its cleanup. Before you begin sewage water cleanup in your basement, remember to avoid flushing the toilets or washing anything down the drains. Also, do not use the washing machine or dishwasher until you have the leak or clog repaired because it will cause more sewage water to end up in your basement. Follow these tips for helping you safely approach sewage water cleanup in your basement.

Turn Off The Power At The Main Breaker First

Never enter a flooded basement until after you have cut off the power to your home at the main breaker. If you walk into the water before you turn off the main breaker, you risk being electrocuted if wires or outlets are submerged. If you are unsure about where your main breaker is or are fearful of touching it, contacting your electrical utility company for doing so as soon as possible is best.

Rubber Gloves And Galoshes Are Essential Apparel During Cleanup

Before you start any cleaning in your flooded basement, be sure to have a supply of rubber gloves. Wearing rubber gloves can help protect you from the bacteria that lives in sewer water, also called black water. Black water presents a high risk of bacterial infection and the spread of contagious disease. Be sure to never touch anything in your basement while cleaning sewage water up without wearing rubber gloves. Also, walking in sewage water means you should wear rubber boots that reach as high as your knees. Preventing your bare skin from contacting sewage water is extremely important to avoid infections and illness.

If you have any cuts or open wounds, make sure they are covered with waterproof bandaging before going into your flooded basement. Cuts and open wounds are perfect places for bacteria and germs to enter your body. If you are a smoker, avoid smoking while cleaning around sewage water to prevent germs from your hands getting on the filter of a cigarette and transferred into your mouth.

You may prefer to completely avoid all the health and safety hazards associated with cleaning up a basement that is flooded with sewage. If so, you can contact professional water damage and restoration companies for taking care of it for you. Contact a water clean up company for more information.