Three Construction Projects A Marine Contractor Can Do For You

Buying a waterfront property is a decision most people make when their biggest motivator is to live close to the water where they can fish and go boating right from their backyards or front porches. If you have recently bought a waterfront property, but it completely lacks any semblance of a dock and no place to moor your boat, then you need a marine contractor. Here is how a marine contractor can help.

From Basic Docks to Party Docks

Marine contractors are contractors who build structures in the water. They can build everything from a basic floating dock to a party dock, which is a much larger dock where your boat or boats can tie down and guests can drive up and sit on patio furniture on the dock to visit. (When the party or visit is over, the guests hop back into their boats and drive off.) You can also ask the contractor to secure the docks to land so that they cannot float away in a flood or bad storm, or make the docks removable so you can take them out of the water in the fall before the water freezes and then put the removable docks back in the water in spring.

Drive-in Water Garages

If you have a hilly area at the foot of your waterfront property where the dry property meets the water, a marine contractor can convert this area into a drive-in water garage for your boat(s). He or she can construct a series of supports to lift and brace an opening made in this soil (which may be very soft, sandy or loamy), then coat the walls with cement and even install a dry dock on the wall to lift the boat out of the water during the colder months. Having your own drive-in water garage means that you never have to move your boat over land to storage space elsewhere, and you can go boating whenever you want simply by driving the boat out of of its own garage.

Boat Hoists

If you have a boat dock, you may not need or want a boat launching site. However, if you ever want to travel with your boat, you will need to find a way to get it out of the water. A boat hoist is the best solution because they can lift some of the heaviest boats up just high enough and pivot them around so that you can get a boat trailer underneath them. A fully mechanical boat hoist will definitely require the skills of a marine contractor because of the electricity and hydraulics systems involved in the installation. To learn more, speak with a company like Abbott's Construction Services Inc.