Why A Frameless Shower Enclosure Is Good For A Small Bathroom

Do you dislike taking showers in your small bathroom because it makes you feel closed in? You can either get the bathroom enlarged by hiring a contractor, or you can opt for creating the look of more space instead. Below, learn how getting a frameless shower enclosure can be beneficial for a small bathroom.

Why is a Frameless Shower Enclosure Good for a Small Bathroom?

If you don't like the idea of having to spend money on expanding the walls in your small bathroom, a frameless shower enclose is a good alternative. The enclosure is ideal for making it feel like you have more space in the bathroom than there actually is. Basically, the enclosure is designed with glass from the floor up to the ceiling, or from the bathtub to the ceiling. The big piece of glass creates a continuous flow between the shower and dressing areas of your small bathroom. You will feel like you are showering in a bigger room.

Another benefit of a frameless shower enclosure is that you will be able to allow the decorations in the dressing area of your bathroom to flow into the shower. For instance, you can put decorations inside of the shower that complements what's in the dressing area. Decorating a shower can include hanging art on the wall, neatly displaying towels on a rack or placing candles on shower shelves.

Other than creating the illusion of a bigger bathroom, a frameless shower enclosure can also be beneficial for avoiding water leaks and mold. The reason is due to the enclosure not being installed on tracks that sometimes allow water from the shower to leak out onto the bathroom floor. The lack of a metal track also means that you don't have to worry about water sitting inside of it and developing mold.

Is a Frameless Shower Enclosure a Pricey Investment?

Investing in a frameless shower enclosure is much more affordable than expanding the walls in your bathroom. If you have a bathtub and shower combined together in your bathroom, you should expect the enclosure to cost $100 plus. An enclosure for a full shower will cost $150 or more. The quality of glass used for the construction of the enclosure can affect the price as well, as thicker glass is more expensive. Get a frameless shower enclosure for your small bathroom as soon as you can so you can enjoy it more!

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