Caring For Carpet In Your Baby's Nursery

Plush carpeting in a baby's nursery can help to cushion your little one's knees and feet as he or she starts crawling and toddling. It also provides a luxurious feel for your tired feet as you take care of midnight feedings and diaper changes. Caring for the carpet properly is important to keep the room clean and safe for baby. Here is what you need to know about caring for the carpets in your nursery.

Invest In A Durable Vacuum Cleaner

Soft, plush carpet can trap dust and allergens that your baby might be sensitive to, so you'll need a powerful, durable vacuum cleaner. Choose a model with a filtration system that eliminates as many small particles of dust and other irritants as possible. Your vacuum should stand up to heavy use, as you'll want to use it frequently to keep the carpet fresh and clean.

Institute A No-Shoes Rule

Consider requiring everyone visiting the nursery to remove their shoes before entering the room. This prevents dirt, mud and other debris from transferring to the carpet in the nursery where your baby will be crawling and playing. This will also reduce the amount of vacuuming you'll need to do every week. If you have enough room in the hallway leading into the nursery, place a welcome mat on the floor to remind people to remove their shoes at the door. You can also consider keeping a box of disposable shoe covers outside of the nursery on a table so people can simply cover their shoes instead of taking them off. These covers are the same ones that painters and contractors typically wear before entering your home, and they can be found at many home improvement stores.

Use Nontoxic Cleaning Solutions

There are many different types of chemical solutions on the market that can be used to clean your carpets, but they may not all be safe for use in your baby's nursery. To prevent skin irritation and other issues that might arise from the use of harsh chemical cleaners, opt for nontoxic alternatives. You can even make your own carpet cleaning solution using everyday household items, such as vinegar or baking soda.

Use An Area Rug

Add a washable area rug to the space in front of your changing table. This makes it easier to clean up spills from baby powder and other diapering items. You won't have to vacuum or clean the carpeting right away; simply remove the area rug and place it in the washing machine. Consider adding other small area rugs to high-traffic areas in the nursery to protect your plush carpet and keep it looking beautiful.

Keeping your nursery as clean as possible is important for keeping your little one safe and healthy. If you choose to add plush carpeting to your nursery, be sure to use these tips to keep it clean and looking great throughout the baby and toddler years. A carpet company like House Of Floors can tell you how to properly care for the specific carpet you choose.