What To Look For In A Replacement Window

An inefficient window can cause problems for a window in a number of different ways. During the summer, the sun's UV rays can pass right through your window panes and heat up the interior surfaces of your home. This can cause your heating bills to go up. During the winter, the heat from your furnace can leak out of your home and cause your furnace to work harder than it should. Buying new windows will help to improve the look for your home, but more importantly, it will also help to improve the energy efficiency of your home as long as you buy the right window.

Triple-Pane Windows

Depending on how old your home is, you may have single-pane windows in your home. These provide next to no insulation to your home. Even if you have double-pane windows, they may have inefficient seals, which will allow the air in between the windows to leak out. Another issue is windows that have only oxygen sandwiched between the panes of glass will not insulate as well as windows that have a noble gas between the panes. A modern triple-pane window should have superior seals as compared to older models and will provide improved efficiency that can decrease your energy costs by up to three percent if you live in a cold climate. 

Low-E Window Film

Multiple window panes can help to improve your home's efficiency, but multiple panes will not be enough on their own. Low-e film can help to improve your home's efficiency in a couple of important ways. For one, window film will screen out the sun's UV rays by reflecting them back to the outside world. For another, window film can reflect the heat from your furnace back into your home before it has a chance to escape. In this way, low-e film can reduce your cooling costs by up to 23% and your heating costs by 25%. 

As you can see, the right replacement windows can improve your home in a number of ways. if you want leading to improve the look of your window, you don't have to forego options like triple panes and window film, which can improve the function of your home. While good-looking windows can improve the curb appeal of your home, energy efficient windows can improve the function of your home. If you have to make a choice between looks and function, saving on your energy costs will make the most difference over the long run.