Why You Must Control Your Water Usage When Your Home Has A Septic System

If you've recently moved into a house that has a septic system, the first thing you should understand is that using too much water can harm the system and cause failure. Septic systems provide a way to get rid of waste water from a home; however, they have limits when it comes to the amount of water they can handle. Here are two things you should understand about the effects of too much water on your septic system.

How The System Handles Waste Water

Every drain in your home is tied to your septic system, which means all the water you use will make its way into your tank. When waste water enters the tank, it travels through it. The solids get trapped in the tank, but the water is pushed through into a header pipe. This pipe transfers the water through lateral pipes, which lead to the drain field.

The whole design is set up to allow the system to stop solids from leaving, but to allow liquids to pass through. This works great when the pipes are clear and when the tank has room in it, but it also relies on only receiving a certain amount of water over the course of the day.

The Effects Of Too Much Water

When your water consumption is at a normal level, your system will be able to process it properly. The problem that many homeowners face occurs from using too much water, which can affect the system in two ways:

  1. Disrupts the biological balance in the system – A septic system has many components, but it relies heavily on the bacteria inside the tank. This is natural bacteria that comes from waste, and this bacteria breaks down the waste. When too much water enters the system, it can stop the bacteria from doing its job.
  2. Stops the system from processing the waste water properly – The drain field of your system is set up in a way to allow the ground to absorb the water that enters and exits the system. When too much water enters, the soil cannot absorb the water, which may lead to sewer puddles in your yard.

The best thing for you to do is space out your water usage. You can do this by having some family members take showers in the morning, and have others take them at night. Another good tip is to complete one load of laundry per day, instead of doing 10 loads all in the same day.

If you are having problems with your septic tank, it could be due to your water usage, but problems can also occur when septic tanks get full. If you need services for your tank, call a contractor, such as H&R Complete Inc., that offers septic tank pumping and repairs to schedule an appointment.