The Exciting World Of Gutters--Gutter Repair

Let's face it, gutters aren't the most exciting topic out there. Most homeowners don't give their gutters a second thought until something goes wrong, and then it's too late! Gutters that are in good condition do more than you thing to protect your home. The gutters keep water from splashing off the roof and staining siding, and eroding soil and home foundations. If you find yourself in need of a gutter repair on a rainy day, this guide will help. 

Keeping Gutters Clean

First and foremost, gutters should be kept clean at all times! Keeping up on this simple maintenance is a quick and easy job, unless you let dirt and leaves collect. There are two easy ways to keep gutters clean and clear:

  1. Trim overhanging branches away from the roof. Falling leaves will clog up downspouts and gutters faster than anything else. 
  2. Install a gutter overhang. This is a simple attachment that acts as a debris umbrella for you gutter. It's easy to install and can save you a lot of hassle.

Buildup in your gutters will cause bowing in the middle of your gutter or clogging of the drains.

Patching Holes 

Rust and falling debris are two common causes of holes in your gutters. the smaller the hole, the easier the patch job, so don't let gutter holes go unattended! You'll need the following supplies to patch a hole in your gutter:

  • Roofing cement
  • Metal patch that matches your gutter material (aluminum or steel)
  • Putty knife
  • Gloves

Be careful working around gutters! Jagged hole edges and ends can be sharp. Wear thick leather gloves at all times while working on any gutter repair project. Lay the patch piece over the leak, and spread the gutter cement around sealing all the edges. The area should be dry during this project, and make sure the cement has time to cure. 

Fixing Damaged Gutter Joints

Damaged joints usually occur when water builds up in one area because of an incorrect slope. Water is heavy, and any buildup due to blockage or damage can cause a joint to develop a leak, or water to simply pour over the edge of a gutter. If this occurs, you'll need a fastener (available at most hardware stores) to attach to the gutter, then to your roof with metal screws. Attach two or more of these fasteners to the affected area, and level the gutter properly to allow easy draining. Attach to the roof, and you can retreat to your warm, dry home!  

If you're not confident approaching gutter repairs on your own, contact a gutter repair company like Mr. Gutter.