Give Your Master Bathroom An Old-Fashioned Makeover

If you still have lovely memories of times spent in your grandparent's home, or if you fell in love with a country bed and breakfast where you spent happy times, you probably love old-fashioned decorating. Now that you are remodeling your master bathroom, you can capture that old-fashioned charm and make it your own. Here are some ideas for you to consider to make your bathroom lovely and unique.

The Wall Paint - A great choice would be to select lovely colors from nature. Consider selecting soft hues of blue, green, mocha or yellow. Off-white or white would also be very pretty. All of these choices will mean that other colors you choose for your bathroom decor will go well in the room.

Consider adding a pretty wallpaper border with a floral design. Another pretty addition would be to stencil old-fashioned objects around the top of the walls. Antique cars or bicycles, farmyard animals, little girls in bonnets, or a shell design would also be lovely.

Bathroom Appliances - A clawfoot bathtub would be adorable. Replicas of clawfoot  are quite expensive, but the real thing can often be found at antique stores, yard sales, or in country stores. There are often small ones that were used by children. If you purchase one of those, it can be used to hold flowers or towels.

Both of the antique bathtubs can be professionally redone to look like new. Even the brass fixtures can be polished or replaced.

Consider having a beautiful sink placed into a sewing machine table or another small occasional table. Of course, you'll need to have it professionally plumbed.

To complete the look, purchase a high tank pull chain water closet like the ones that were popular in the 1900s. 

Important Touches - When you plan your old-fashioned bathroom, consider lighting. An old-fashioned chandelier with frosted glass would be authentic and beautiful. Another idea would be to have sconces placed on each side of your vanity mirror.

Consider the addition of a window with Tiffany glass in it. Tiffany glass allows light to get in, but nobody can look into the privacy of your bathroom.  

Even though it isn't authentic, indirect lighting would cast a soft glow when you don't want the room to be fully bright.

Little Extras - Decorate your vanity and an added shelf with collectibles like old perfume bottles, angels, figurines of little children, and anything else that gives a nostalgic feeling to your bathroom.

Have a wonderful time remodeling your master bathroom in an old-fashioned way. For more information about the process, contact a company like Capital Construction.