Ideas For Adding Windows To Your House

If you're noticing cracks in the casement, or you're hearing noise even when the windows are closed, it's probably time to replace them. You could ask the contractors to install the same windows you already have. Alternatively, consider updating your space with a different window style dependant on the room.

Transom in the Kitchen

Everyone loves a kitchen flooded with light, right? Well, you probably already have windows in the kitchen. Consider adding even more by topping them with transom windows, which top the existing glass. You can even open them for increased ventilation – a boon in the kitchen. Either way, they add access to that outdoor sun.

Tilt Into the Bedroom

Tilt-in windows are not only attractive, they offer increased security. They typically open only so far, and their fastenings are very strong. A tilt-in window in the bedroom is especially convenient for a window seat. You can tilt the top in for air without taking up valuable real estate or turning your seat into a wind tunnel.

Bay in the Living Room

There's just something about a bay window in the living room. It increases the visual space even more than the actual area. A bay is an attractive spot for a love seat or a reading nook. It also serves as an entertainment center in your living room. Consider bay windows especially in spots that feature a beautiful view.

Geometric in the Foyer

If you have a large front wall with a foyer, a fun idea is to add some geometry to the space. One way is to keep it square with numerous square panes set in a grid flanking the door. Another option is having different shapes installed. For example, start with narrow rectangles on either side of the door and a wide rectangle on top. Add that grid of squares elsewhere, and finish with a whimsical round porthole highlighting a pretty area of your foyer.

Skylight in the Bathroom

The bathroom is not a common room for adding a skylight, yet it makes perfect sense. A skylight allows you to increase the light in the bathroom while maintaining your privacy. Consider having a skylight installed above a soaking tub. The sun streaming in will make you feel like you're soaking in an outdoor pool. Another option is a skylight above the shower.

Windows do more than let light and air into your home. They also serve as a design feature of the rooms and the exterior façade. As you replace windows in your home, consider upgrading to give your space a new ambience.

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