Different Options For Lowering The Humidity In Your Home

When the air in your home makes you feel sticky or damp, this generally means you have too much moisture in the air. This humidity can make your home uncomfortable, so you need to know how to lower the moisture in the most effective way. By taking some time to look through the different dehumidifying products, you will be able to choose the right option for your home.

Portable Dehumidifier

One of the most common types of dehumidifiers is a portable unit. These units circulate the moist air through a refrigeration system to the point where the moisture condenses and then the unit collects it inside the coolant coils. This process is effective for removing excess humidity from the air for specific areas of your home.

However, with a portable unit, the amount of humidity it can remove is relative the size of the dehumidifier. Each unit has a limited amount of space where it will be effective, which means you will need several units if you have a humidity issue throughout your home.

Whole-Home Dehumidifier

When your humidity issue is throughout your entire home, it is better to choose a product that works on a much larger scale. Whole-home units are a better option for this situation, because they remove the moisture before the air enters your home through your HVAC system.

Your first option is a whole-home dehumidifier pump. The pump is a separate unit that an HVAC company attaches to the furnace inside your home. This model works and resembles its portable counterpart, but it is more efficient at removing large quantities of moisture from the air.

Another whole-home option is to install a dehumidifying heat pipe. This system works by circulating air through several pipes that contain a refrigerant, which absorbs the heat from incoming air and allows it to condense within the pipes. The air then goes into the evaporator coil, where even more moisture is removed before the cool air enters your home. Even though evaporators remove moisture from the air without this addition, the dehumidifying heat pipe can increase the removal rate up to 91 percent.  

You can remove excess moisture from your home's air supply by using a dehumidifier. However, before you choose one specific type of dehumidifier for your home, you need to consult an HVAC company. The company, such as Southwest Heating and Cooling, can look at your current system and offer their recommendations for which type of dehumidifiers will work best for dealing with your home's humidity issues.