Making Your Air Conditioner More Efficient: Asphalt Shingle Roof Benefits

If your home's air conditioner has a hard time keeping your home cool, it may not be your air conditioner's fault, your home may just be energy inefficient. If your home has a dark asphalt shingle roof, then that may be the biggest reason that your air conditioner struggles to cool your home.  To keep your air conditioner in good repair, consider these 3 ways that you can upgrade your home to allow it to be energy efficient with an asphalt shingle roof.

3. Radiant Barrier Provides Heat Reflection

Usually, the heat that your asphalt shingles absorb from sunlight will be transferred to your home. This can be stopped by the installation of what is called a "radiant barrier". This is a layer of metallic sheeting that gets installed in your attic which acts much like a metal roof, in that it reflects heat away from your home. Having a radiant barrier installed in your home will allow your home to remain far cooler in the summer even with an asphalt shingle roof!

2. Attic Insulation Provides Another Line of Heat Defense

 Even with a radiant barrier, some heat will still be able to enter your home. A great way to provide protection from this heat is to have some high quality insulation installed in your attic. This will keep the heat in your attic from passing through the insulation and in to your living areas.

Both attic insulation and a radiant barrier can be used on their own without the other to provide good protection against the heat that seeps in from your roof in case you do not want to invest in both options.

1. Curtains or Tin Foil Can Prevent Heat from Entering Through Your Windows

One weak point in your home's defenses against the sun's heat could be your windows if they are uncovered. Rays of sunlight are able to pass directly through the glass of your windows into your home, and can drastically turn up the temperature. To stop this and cool off your home, cover your windows with some thick curtains.

Tin foil can also be used, and is actually far more efficient than curtains because it will block out almost all of the heat-causing light trying to enter through your windows.

Each of these three upgrades can help your home stay cool with an asphalt shingle roof, and will help your air conditioner run smoothly all summer long. If you want more help or have other questions, contact a company such as Proctor Mechanical Corp to learn more.