4 Improvements To Your Rain Collection System That Improve Water Quality

If you have a rain collection system or are thinking about having one installed, some improvements can be made to your system. This can include pre-filter systems, one-way valves, specialized downspouts and other equipment. Installing these four things on your system will help improve water quality and reduce some of the common problems with rain collection systems:

1. Gutter Guards To Protect The Collection System

One of the first lines of defense for your rain collection system is to have gutter guards installed. These guards are placed over the gutters to protect them. They will help to keep a lot of the large debris out of your tanks, which can cause contamination. This is something that will also prevent the filters and other parts of your system from becoming clogged with debris that runs off of your roof.

2. Debris Filters Installed On Your Gutter Downspout

Filtration of your water is one of the most important parts of your system, which is why you will want to have a debris filter at the top of your downspouts. This will prevent small particles from entering the system and help to keep the water cleaner. This can be something as simple as a screen that is attached to the inside of the gutter at the downspout. To keep it from being clogged with debris, you can use a screen with larger holes to allow small debris to pass through the downspout. By doing this, you will not have to get up to the gutters to clean out a clogged downspout.

3. Diverter To Divert And Filter Runoff

A rainwater diverter is a system that diverts the runoff to rain collection downspouts that fill your tanks. This can be a system that is located on a lower section of the tank to make maintenance a lot easier. It will have a filter, the rainwater downspout and the rain collection pipes. This allows the debris to wash down the gutter downspout and the clean water to fill the collection tanks. This simple system will give you clean water and prevent things like mosquitoes from getting into the tanks.

4. Equalizing Pipes For Multiple Collection Tanks

You may also have a collection system that has more than one barrel, which can make the water levels in tanks uneven. To fix this problem, you can equalize the tanks by connecting them all at the bottom with pipes. This will keep the levels in the tanks equal as you use the water and you will not have to move water from one tank to another when they become full. 

If you are going to be installing a water collection system, these are some things to consider. For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact All Weather Gutters INC or a similar company.