Choose The Most Efficient Furnace For Your Home

Heating and cooling equipment cost you more than any other appliance in your home. Do not accept this statement as a depressing fact and move on. The truth is that there is much you can do to decrease the amount you pay to condition the air in your home. For example, you can save a lot of money by upgrading to the most efficient furnace on the market. 

The Shortcomings of the Conventional Furnace

For decades the design of a furnace did not change. You have a burner, which not surprisingly, burns natural gas. Burning this fuel creates super heated exhaust gases which are funneled into a heat exchanger. As the exhaust gases pass through the heat exchanger, they heat it up. Your furnace uses a fan to push air over the heat exchanger, which serves two purposes: for one, the air helps to keep the heat exchanger from overheating; for another, the air absorbs heat from the exchanger, and this air can then be used to heat your home.

The problem with the conventional furnace lies in how it vents the exhaust gases out of your home. A conventional furnace will leave enough heat in the exhaust gases that they can travel up a vent pipe and out of your home. The problem is that the heat left in the gases is simply wasted. Because of this inefficiency in the design of conventional furnaces, they top out at about 83% efficiency although some conventional furnaces are only around 60% efficient. Clearly, there is room for improvement.

Saving Money with a Highly Efficient Furnace

Condensing furnaces have a superior design to the conventional furnace, which allows them to achieve an efficiency rating of 98%. When you replace a conventional furnace with a condensing furnace, you can improve your heating system efficiency by up 38%. How much savings can you expect with such an increase in efficiency? For every hundred dollars that you spend on heating your home, you will save 37$

There is no reason to overpay to heat your home. While you might be worried about paying for your new furnace, as long as you save more money than you pay in financing costs, you still save money. Heating your home with a highly efficient condensing furnace will help you to cut into the high cost of heating your home so that you have more room in your budget for other needs and wants. Contact a local HVAC contractor like Absolute Air for more information.